Thinking about a portrait? Lets talk...

Before I take any pictures, its nice to connect with the subject or subjects and determine what it is the customer wants. We can talk about poses, types of pictures and look at getting something they may have in mind. I prefer to meet in person because seeing someone often gives me an insight into how to present them on camera. If an in person meeting is not possible for whatever reason, then we will need to do this on the phone. But we should discuss and have some back and forth conversation - this is not just me taking a pictures, its us working together. I may ask for a selfie or other pictures too! I want to know my customer!

I don't do questionnaires as some other photographers might offer. I tried that and found my customers thought it was too time consuming. To me, it makes it all too formal. 

What to wear? 

Wear what you want and feel comfortable in. For business headshots, you can wear shorts or jeans but do have a business shirt and jacket - or not! The main thing is to dress like you do for work. The headshot will be from shoulders up, unless you want something closer to 3/4 or full length. You know the drill; just be presentable. 

For portraits, its best to keep away from clashing colors or from everyone wearing the same color as in all white shirts for instance. Unless, of course, this is part of some tradition or requirement. If so, we can make it work. Busy patterns don't always look great to a camera but I can deal with it if needed. Sure, easy lighter colors non-patterns help but the main thing is being comfortable. Bring extra changes of clothing too. Its always nice to take multiple looks and again, have fun with this. This is your time, so take the time to do your hair, get it cut, maybe a get the idea. I shoot with a 50 mega-pixel plus large sensor camera - it picks up a lot of detail, and it renders fantastic real life color so make sure your make up is what you want for foundation and color. This is the perfect time to break out and explore your inner fashion and glamour sense! 


This can be anything. Really. I am an animal lover so I love when people bring their pets. But if you have some item that is near and dear, bring it. We can see if it works. Don't be shy!


The most important thing in any session is YOU being comfortable, and wanting to be there. I'm there to work with you. Bring ideas, bring enthusiasm and lets try new concepts and ideas. Lets just have fun with this!