We all love life and I know I try and live it to the fullest. Many of my friends and family feel and act the same way so I figure its safe to assume you do too. Sadly, in this day, there are also many diseases and illnesses that rob the life from those we love and have become close to. Its a tough statement to make but I would bet that all of us have lost someone very near to us due to some form of a terminal or debilitating illness. 

I was actually working on something else recently and came across the web page of another studio, I believe it was based in CA and although I cannot remember its name, their message did stick with me. The page talked about "celebrating life" with an offer to provide a free photo session and one 11x14 print to those with a family member or close friend facing a threatening, life ending, health condition. I got a bit choked up reading about it. I mean, how many times after someone is gone do we wish we had something to remember them by? How many times do we wish we still had a moment frozen in time of them laughing with us, of being together and doing something together? 

I've decided to expand on their idea. I would like to do the same for those facing this grave time in their lives. In addition, I would further like to include those that have fought back and survived any devastating illness. I would like to offer a free photo session in my studio and an 11x14 print to anyone with a family member facing a terminal illness or that has battled the illness and survived. This offer isn't made out of pity or for publicity. Its just an offer to my fellow human beings going through some very tough moments and for those having lived through an ordeal. I may not know you, but it doesn't mean I don't care. My photograph isn't going to mend the emotional tear a heart goes through when someone you love passes, but maybe this small token will help in dealing with it. Similarly,  beating a life threatening illness should also be noted and commemorated so my photograph can hopefully be that start to a re-energized a life. 

Additional prints in any size are available at additional cost but understand that you are under no obligation to buy anything else from me. I'm not interested in making any money from this and I don't want to sell anyone anything. Don't wait though and don't put off doing this. Lets capture their personality as you know them and and as they are now. Lets make this something good for everybody involved.  Call me to arrange a session. 

Best regards, 

Wally Kilburg                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Owner, The Studio at 46 West