I'm at a Crossroads. Whats next?

As I write this, its July 3rd and my whole photography world has changed. I don't have the studio I imagined or counted on, its mid year, and while I have work its not like it was with ol' 46 West, nor does it feel anything like it. I FEEL different about my work and it makes me think out of the bounds of these past few years. 

I've done a lot these past months. I switched out camera systems. I closed my studio. I switched out location lighting. I can "move" faster I think. I'm back to being more of a one light guy more for the look than necessity. We only have one light anyway - the sun. And it does a pretty good job. I'm lighting a much smaller area than the Earth. I loved a lot about the Profoto lights I have used since near forever. I spent a lot too. But Profoto really caters to those pros that have staff, and assistants because believe me one guy and a rock n roller cart is still humping to get setup and work. I will still do those assignments where I'm shooting large but those are more rare than norm so I decided I wanted something that covered ANY work I do and I wanted support for my camera system which Profoto is and was just dragging their feet on. I have the cameras I want now too. I feel so much more comfortable shooting Fuji, and its not a technical feel good, its a creative feel good. The Fujifilm cameras match what I want to shoot. They have all the pieces that fit my style and the way I work and give me the results I want more in camera than anything I have used. 

So I have all the pieces. I have a lot of experience and I'm at a crossroads looking at what I want to do, photographically, and I think its more camera and less business/studio. I have a lot of ideas. I don't want to explore them with you right now, because they aren't all defined. And I can only accomplish so much, so some of them are just not going to make the cut. I do plan to explore more themes, work my composition more. I do plan to still do as much portraiture as I can find work, and probably some for me too as projects. I want to incorporate other subjects into portrait types of things - there I go, sharing too much already! I'm going to put my mobile lighting kit to work but its not going to be just for people pictures. 

Its not about a direction, its about directions. I will need a studio from time to time but many people have opened up to offer me use of their space, so I have restaurants, and offices, and other places I can shoot. I also have lots and lots of outdoor locations. And who knows, if a suitable studio opens up someplace, then its a maybe but its not the priority it once was. I'm eager to get started.