"What do you charge for pictures of..."

Charging customers....we could talk for a long time about this! I want to take a few minutes to go over my latest pricing model and how its perceived.

Pricing or the packaging services and delivery together, what ever you want to call it, is so difficult to define. I just had someone new here from out west call to discuss a simple family portrait, and she told me that pricing here is VERY different from where they are from. It sounds like she had already talked to several places. I'm pretty sure my pricing/packaging is very different from many local photographers too. When its all shot and done, the costs are pretty similar but my charges are viewed more incrementally and that seems to register. I explained my rate, I have worked hard to make it simple, and then my a la carte selections and then a little bit about why. She was interested and has promised a call back. 

She wanted a disk of pics, and I provide an online gallery. Thats ok she said, and she sounded sort of excited. I can give her a disk I told her but many people don't have disk drives on their laptops anymore so I use online delivery or USB thumb drives per customer requests. I explained the gallery will have all the selected photos but they will only be usable for online or device screening, not printing. I explained how she can purchase ANY or all of the selected images as files or prints (same reasonable price - I don't inflate printer prices by 3-5x) and that prints come with files. It all took about 6 minutes based on my phone info. She was pleased and impressed and wanted to talk to her husband since Sunday's only work for him. Thats about a dozen positives now for my latest pricing policy which I have been tweaking since, it seems, Noah loaded animals on his boat. My price model is ALL based on customer requests, comments, and answers to questions I have asked. I have worked out architectural pricing, and now even product photography pricing, since that is on my radar, ALL from a basic formula I use based on what it costs me to operate for an hour combined with a profit margin. Discounting would have to come from that margin so I'm very careful about discounts. Even per image prices are derived from that hourly formula. It works and so far people/customers have no problem with it. Same for delivery...no prints? Cool but image file prices cost as much. But I do include image files with print purchases. Again, no complaints. I even offer wedding prices using an all inclusive hourly rate...like I said we could talk about this for hours! Got any questions? Glad to help. Hit me up offline by phone or with an email. I'll be glad to schedule up to an hour to sit and talk about this - who knows, maybe we learn something from each other?