☆ Looking for Photography Exhibitors! ☆

There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.
— Ansel Adams

First Friday’s is a once a month event showcasing the businesses surrounding Downtown Aurora’s celebration of it’s art, music and food. As a local business, I have participated in one First Friday event at my studio in 2015. It was a fairly decent success, if I may say so. I was fortunate enough to be able to have two outstanding musicians I have worked with, play several acoustical sets in the studio in support of my “night”.  It served to open up a lot of eyes and minds to my business besides providing some kick butt music until the wee hours.

In 2016, I have decided to shoot for three such First Friday events. The first on tap is set for March 4th. I want to do something a bit different for this one, and with it being very close to my third anniversary in Aurora, I have decided to host a Photographer’s Exhibit. I will provide the floor space and help with promotion and you, the photographer, will provide the images for the masses to see. You will need to provide a display medium for your pictures, and it’s wide open as to how.

My studio is a working photography studio, not a display gallery studio. I have wall space and the ability to hang work from built in wood display rail if you supply the hardware. I can’t support any real permanent display method. So there are the possibilities of wall display with hardware (I suggest STAS hardware, its what I use), display easels (I use cheaper, lightweight ones from Amazon) or anything else your creative mind can come up with.  My floor space, and wall space on a first come first fit basis, is open. I can run slideshows on flat screen TV’s as well.

Here are the rules:

  • I can accommodate only so many images. So I’m limiting the showing to six (6) photographers who will be allowed to show a max of three (3) images each. They can be framed, or not, its entirely up to you.
  • I will be the sole decision maker of who is displayed. If I get six entries or less, it’s a no-brainer; everyone is in. If I get more than six, then I have to pick.
  • If you are interested in displaying your work, then you will have to submit at least two images via some method (online, Dropbox, USB stick, etc.) so that I can see them and view them. They do not have to be the photographs you will be displaying! They just need to be representative of what you do.
  • Subject matter is WIDE OPEN. Submit and display anything you want, although I’d prefer you do adhere to some form of good taste.
  • I will have my own pictures on the walls, as will another photographer that regularly rents from me. We already use the space to “advertise” and that will still be the case, so in reality, there are eight photographers showing.

If you are interested, please contact me at either 630-235-1651 or wally.kilburg@studio46west.com .  If you have any questions, use those same contact methods. I will need submitted entries by February 5th, and your display photographs should be in hand by March 1st.

This is open to any photographer! Amateur or Professional. Wives, Grandma’s, Granddads’, kids, pets – if you can work a camera (any camera) and have a picture you care to share, this is for you.

This is not a competition; it’s a showing. You are free to be there, and I encourage you to be there as well, to talk about your photography. You are free to strike any deals and sell anything or make any arrangements. It’s your time, your pictures, and your choice about what you would like to do.

So get busy culling existing photos, or go take new ones. I hope to get a lot of entries and I hope to do this at least one more time. If you have any suggestions, I’m very much open to them. I’m not a gallery person; this is new to me, so fire away with ideas! I just want to make the population more aware of us as photographers, have some fun and expand our circles.