We all have off days

I can handle a "mild" off day and truthfully, I seem to have a few a week. Its when they get harsh that I have major issues that affect me for days afterwards. 

I just returned from my annual fishing, camping and canoeing getaway. If we are friends on Facebook, you know this. This was the tenth such trip and this time it was just me and my son, and while I missed the other two regulars who are usually along, it was ok to just hang out with him since its harder and harder to do that anymore. I got back late on a Saturday evening/afternoon, tired and with a brain more in sync with lakes, fish, and camping than driving 10 hours to get home, while working out the logistics of a photo shoot for a friend and her family stopping by on their return to their home state of Iowa. We had planned this to the nines, an outdoor shoot of the family and each offspring with their instruments of choice as in musical plus a young, graceful ballerina. I was looking forward to it. Then I got the weather for Sunday while driving back Saturday. Oh no. Big storms. Heavy rain. Time to call and alert the customer. It became a studio shoot. I was totally unprepared. 

I shoot in my studio all the time. Normally, I am at the studio early prepping and I have discussed options and possible scenarios beforehand with my customer. I thrive on communication. I mostly have my crap together, ducks in a row, or whatever you call it. I'm ready and capable of "dancing" or switching things up as needed or adjusting as creative opportunities present themselves. Not this time. It was like I was behind glass, watching myself stumble about. Forgetting basic things. Confounded by the most simple of things. I literally could do nothing about it. I watched myself drown. It sort of lasted through Monday too! I don't get that sort of feeling often. Its been years since I have been so displaced. Still, I struggled through it and managed to capture a few good frames which I am still processing...so maybe this is lasting more than just Monday...since I normally have this sort of processing completed in a few days. I sure hope I'm back to normal (for me) by tomorrow. I have a lot to do this week and next. 

We all do have off days but business and the world still have to go on so when you do have some sort of off moment, hour or day, just stick with it. Yes, usually when it rains crap it pours so other things will pile on. Your off day will probably get worse incrementally. It will frustrate. It will depress. But, others are depending on you. You need to work through it. Get it done. Wipe your brow, and persevere. You will be glad you did so. Besides, its probably too early to start drinking. And going postal won't really solve anything except making you look stupid. 

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