Yes, change is upon the studio once again. I've been out evaluating web site hosting products and while I have found a few of interest that offer something better here and there, no one product offers it all in a complete package. Bummer. So I decided to stick with Squarespace and Pixieset as my online tools of choice. 

But, I did switch templates on Squarespace. I went with more a photo centric design with a grid style of display which opens a lightbox for selected photos. I wanted less words too so I got rid of most of them except for a slight bio paragraph with a bit of info contained in it. So its as streamlined as I can get it now. I'm sticking with my client delivery tool at too. I have received many compliments on that tool's presentation. It's pretty easy to work with and the cost is not huge. Good all around fit. 

I'm working on better studio internet and have a site survey scheduled to look at a wireless fiber connection that promised to 5x my upload speed - and that I really need. Download speed is of less importance in my business but upload will kill you from delivering photos and other info to the cloud based options which are becoming commonplace in running ANY business. 

I'm working with several newer creative sources. I cannot get into a lot about that just yet. I'm also looking at changing my business model a bit. Again, its just too early to talk about it but its been on my mind and conceptualized on paper since February so its real. In the mean time I shot another Trans Iowa Race, a weather shortened race this year with no finishers. It was for me, an equipment test. I used my cameras in a pouring rain, driven by pretty stiff winds and fortified with cold temperatures. They worked flawlessly, but I did constantly wipe them down. I was soaked, cold and had a tough time working the shutter release. It was probably the worst conditions I have shot in but the riders in the race faced worse I felt, so no way I was going to bail. I still, somehow, enjoyed it. Probably the people who make the thing work more than the course or the weather. Here is my take on the race, online, in case you haven't seen it. Trans Iowa Eleven

I'm still working on my First Fridays promotion and am putting a plan together for that. I really hope to see some of you out for that. There is some real talent on hand, now if I can find a caterer willing to help out....

More in the coming weeks. Enjoy the spring weather everyone. Right now its spring pretty much everywhere so get out and ride a bicycle, take a walk, grab a blanket and picnic....just get out an enjoy yourselves!