On into spring!

This past weekend, I held the first Open House event at my studio. It was also a milestone of sorts in that I've managed to stay open and run this business for just over a year now. By all measure, the Open House was a success. I had plenty of food on hand, there was drink to be had, photos displayed on the wall and on a couple of flat screen TV's and I heard many comments about them. Singer and songwriter, Jon Conover, stopped by with his guitar and entertained us all with a few of his songs. Having Jon there lent a completely different vibe to the event and I am extremely appreciative of his support. Its quite the thing to have artists supporting artists and I wish I had the venue to do more of it. I didn't count heads, but there were quite a few in attendance and for the most part, those that stopped by stayed for quite a while. I targeted a closing time of 6pm but we went much longer, ending just after 7pm or thereabouts. I hope to have a few more events like this in 2015. 

Continuing in that vein, I'm exploring being part of the City of Aurora's First Fridays, a promotional program driven by the city. It outlines a night of fun, art, food and music hosted by the local establishments listed in the first Fridays brochure and on their social media. I feel its a great way to promote your business and have some fun at the same time.  

Back a post or so ago, I mentioned my effort in getting a sign for my business and the extreme amount of investment one company wanted for a simple, "blade" sign. Well, after some searching I found a company that can do it for a quarter of the other company's quote and I'm happy to say that the sign is ready and if the city ever approves my application, it will be hung right near the doorway. I have had comments about the difficulty in finding my location and entrance so this should help. I'm sort of looking forward to this non-event. Oddly. 

I have a mixed bag of work lined up for spring. I hope to get a workshop on using flash outdoors going, I have a few bicycles races to cover, and a few portraits sessions. I'm forever looking for more work so send any inquires my way. I'm looking at running a few promotional campaigns this spring and summer and I'm working on a few self promotional projects. I'll be working on swapping out some of my existing photos on the walls, so if you want to get on the Wall of Fame, stop by, give me a call and lets see what e can do!