Business as usual

I recently acquired some new equipment which will help, I think, with the direction and types of photographs I want to make. Its a fair outlay of cash but after spending some 6 months working the field and learning a few things, I think its a good investment. 

Since the equipment involved two camera bodies, I spent some time checking the autofocus and exposure systems and making sure they were fine tuned to each body. One body, Nikon's D4s, is a "pro" body and I have never really owned this level of camera before so shooting with it has been very eye opening. It doesn't do anything other cameras can't do, but man, it sure makes doing all those thing easier, faster and somehow the results just look outstanding. Its a stout piece of gear too, feels very solid. 

Another big piece of business for me was testing out several "client proofing systems" or rather web based software form various providers that allow me to upload galleries for customers so they can make selections for print or digital downloading. I have prices lists tied to these galleries so ordering prints is as seamless as it could be. A customer selects a print, options and enter their credit card info....I'm notified and have to approve it then the print house fills the order and ships it right back to the customer. There is an option for them to ship to me for customer pick up as well. I'd prefer to do this for larger, complicated orders. Like a wedding for instance. Right now I have a few dozen options assigned via price lists, from small prints to canvas prints, gallery wraps, acrylic prints, metallic prints, and books and albums. I have other options too so if some does not see what they want, they will need to reach out. I can get coffee cups and even T-shirts with prints! 

I'm also upgrading the lights in the studio and changing some things around since I'm floating the idea of renting the place out more. I'll have more on that later but I have been approached by several interested parties and I'm working out the best options. 

Thats it for now. I've got to run and assemble my kit for some work in Nashville where I will be working with my good friend Jon Conover who is soon to be globally famous. Jon has asked me to do some photography supporting his new album, some work around an endorsement deal he arranged, and work supporting a new music video he is producing. Exciting stuff and the reason I wanted to do this sort of thing. 


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