Pricing and Services

I've made a few changes in the business model for the studio. From the start this has always been a fluid process, my business model that is. At least, the specifics. Its tough to start a business and determine customer and market needs. I can guess and have done so but after a few months I have also found out a few things. I have made the changes appropriately. 

Some people I have talked to will note that the changes on the site today are a bit different than what was discussed. Nothing major has changed, but I have consulted with others and decided to make the slight modifications you see stated. 

The biggest thing is a movement to more printed and packaged offerings. Photo books and/or albums are in demand, whether online or in hand. Printed media lasts longer and is often more available and lets face it, people still like to gaze at their loved ones, or a special scene - it's a lot about memories. So the studio are offering these services in a larger way than before. 

I've also decided to open up the kimono on pricing a bit. It's very difficult to provide extensive pricing on a web page because to take into account EVERYTHING would mean a web page no one would read because it's so long. but I have tried to outline some typical pricing scenarios to hopefully help people understand the costs. 

So thats basically it. I'm continuing to refine my gallery photographs and will add as time allows. For now, I have to get busy making calls and finding new business! 

Take care y'all!

Wally KilburgComment