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...the picture lives only through the eyes of the person looking at it.
— Pablo Picasso

The thing that makes my clients want to work with me, is my ability to understand what they want in a shoot and capturing that essence in my images. I'm a portrait and commercial photographer located in the suburban Fox Valley/Chicago Metro area. I was fascinated by the physics of photography at an early age and later as a teen, became enamored with learning the creative aspect. Many, many years later I'm still learning. It never stops. The word "photography" is derived from the Greek words phōs and graphé and literally means drawing with light. Good photography starts with the right light. Lighting is one of the things I'm known for. I use natural light or artificial light, or a combination of both, indoors or out. I modify and alter the light to create the mood or look desired. I blend light to soften it, I create sunlight, I create moonlight, or I eliminate light except for whats on the subject. It depends on what I'm after. I'm accomplished in portraiture and can certainly copy any style. I  prefer though to capture the unique essence of my subjects. If you want truth in a photograph, then I'm your guy. I also have extensive experience working commercially. I count local marketing firms and agencies (plus a few from Boston and New York) as customers.  My pictures are featured in magazines, brochures, advertisements and a few books. I have worked with musicians, actors and models helping them build their brand or image via tear sheets and comp cards. Information about my photography can be found here. Take a peek at my sample image gallery to see further examples of my work. 

Check out my location services which is onsite consulting and mentoring for other photographers and creatives.  I lease equipment and/or provide my experience for simple shoots or larger productions. Sometimes a photographer, an agency or business in the area needs a studio, and/or equipment and maybe a bit of help. I have access to locations, equipment, props, talent, digital technicians, filmmakers, make-up persons, stylists, caterers - let me know what you need I can arrange it. 

 I'm on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Call, or email set up an appointment. My business is Veteran owned and it is a fully insured business. 

There are a lot of photographers out there, find out why I’m the one you want and want to work with!
— Wally Kilburg, Photographer

To inquire about hiring me or for other information call 630-235-1651 or please use the Contact form.  Wally Kilburg Photography & Services are a fully insured and Veteran owned business supporting our current Military and Veterans. Semper Fi.