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Hi! Thanks for the interest in my business. I'm an accomplished professional photographer, local to the suburban Fox River Valley corridor and Chicago Metro area. My work has taken me all over, and as my sample gallery shows, its quite varied. Its near impossible for me to define every style/genre of photography I do or that I have done. I gravitate toward lifestyle themes when working, whether commercially or for a portrait series. So I tend to readily accept work of that nature. That said, its best to discuss your thoughts and ideas surrounding any photography just to ensure we are on the same page. For commercial or portrait photography, I can work at any location, indoors or out, sometimes with a cart of equipment and an assistant - other times its just me and a few items. I also have a small product photography studio space for that part of the business. 

Read on to discover more about Wally Kilburg Photography, and learn more about the business. 

...the picture lives only through the eyes of the person looking at it.
— Pablo Picasso

Commercially, I work with businesses, marketing firms and agencies locally and regionally to promote their products and brands. My product photography has been used on commerce websites and in catalogs. Yes, I shoot the "Amazon white background" style required by many sellers. Another niche market I have worked in is high end real estate. I work with realtors and interior designers to showcase their properties and designs. My photographs are published in magazines, brochures, advertisements and a few books. When I can, I enjoy working with musicians and models to help them market themselves via tear sheets and comp cards. I do cover some Events on a case by case basis but its limited to meet n' greets, and/or Red Carpet styled photography (always with complimentary prints onsite!). Video interview coverage is also available as my schedule allows. 

A popular option I offer is what I call Location Services. What is it? Its where I lease equipment and/or provide my experience for simple shoots or larger productions. Sometimes a photographer, an agency or business in the area needs a studio, and/or equipment and maybe a bit of help. I have access to locations, equipment, props, talent, digital technicians, filmmakers, make-up persons, stylists, caterers - let me know what you need I can arrange it. 

Please don't let any questions go unasked. Perhaps you want to take a peek at my blog for more insight to my thoughts on photography, on the equipment and the business end of it. I'm also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Call, or email set up an appointment. My business is Veteran owned and it is a fully insured business. 

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There are a lot of photographers out there, find out why I’m the one you want to work with!
— Wally Kilburg, Photographer

To inquire about hiring me or for other information call 630-235-1651 or please use the Contact form.  Wally Kilburg Photography & Services are a fully insured and Veteran owned business supporting our current Military and Veterans. Semper Fi.