I've been a photographer since my teens, pursuing photography full time since the start of 2013 when I left the software industry after a long and successful career. It was time to fulfill a promise I made when I left the photography business in the late 70's. Back then, the software industry was new, challenging, wide open and there were fortunes to be made. And I needed the money. Photography remained a passion though, so when I began to tire of the corporate world, photography was the only thing I wanted to do. I am based in the Chicago Metro area. Specifically the Fox River Valley corridor around towns and cities like Yorkville, Aurora, Oswego, Geneva, St. Charles and Naperville. I do commercial work, and lifestyle photography on location, indoors or out. Sometimes with a cart of equipment, an assistant, a makeup artist, stylists. or other times its just me and a camera. When you decide to hire me, we will figure all that out.

...the picture lives only through the eyes of the person looking at it.
— Pablo Picasso

I love to work with other photographers and creatives and am more than willing to answer your questions. If you contact me, I will answer you as quickly as my schedule allows. 

Email is by far the best way to reach me. Email me with your contact info and a brief of what you looking for in your photographs. If you must call, you will probably have to leave a message but I do return all my messages as soon as I can. I do provide a contact form you may use if you wish. 

My blog offers more insight into my thoughts on photography, on the equipment I use and occasionally, a peek at the business end of it. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Wally Kilburg Photography & Services is incorporated in the State of Illinois and is a fully insured and Veteran owned business supporting our current Military and it's Veterans. Semper Fi. 

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There are a lot of photographers out there, find out why I’m the one you want to work with!
— Wally Kilburg, Photographer